Gabriël. Judith. Lise.
(x = time; y=tension) Performed @ BL!NDMAN festival Blue in the Face
& @ KASKA Antwerp, @ Welvaert Welton, Time Circus
installations live visuals &
performances pensées
Gabriël. Judith. Lise. (x = time; y=tension) is a live performance in which image and sound get together, avoid each other, enforce and question each other... and finally tell a story together. We are exploring the boundaries between a vj set, videoclip, silent movies. The visuals and the sound are being altered, edited, synchronised.. live and real time...
Several point of views on the samen event are presented next to each other and through each other. The classical screenplay/story telling structures become a theme and are being deconstructed (or not). Through the live mix of scènes, characters and abstract sound and images, a story unfolds itself. The lineair structure is lost though, the audience is challenged to reconstruct their story. Or to watch, listen, dance,...

© Elize Rausch 2014.