Gabriël. Judith. Lise.

(x = time; y=tension)

Gabriël. Judith. Lise. (x = time; y=tension) is a live performance in which image and sound get together, avoid each other, enforce and question each other... and finally tell a story together.

We are exploring the boundaries between a vj set, videoclip, silent movies. The visuals and the sound are being altered, edited, synchronised.. live and real time...


Performed @ BL!NDMAN festival Blue in the Face

& @ KASKA Antwerp, @ Welvaert Welton, Time Circus


Several point of views on the samen event are presented next to each other and through each other.

The classical screenplay/story telling structures become a theme and are being deconstructed (or not).

Through the live mix of scènes, characters and abstract sound and images, a story unfolds itself. The lineair structure is lost though, the audience is challenged to reconstruct their story.

Or to watch, listen, dance,...



© Elize Rausch 2020.