Vortex - Point of View

3D projection installation made as a 6 minute performance with visuals and music, developed with Squint vzw


Vortex - Point of View, is a video installation consisting of a prism where video is projected on every plane.

The video is designed in such a way that the projection continues from one plane to another and forms a closed whole. This suggests a circular movement. At the basis of this formal idea is research on the perception of image projections. Usually the relationship between spectator and projection is very static. We thought it would be interesting to look for a more dynamic relationship between the two.


How can a projection stimulate the viewer to move relative to the projection, so that the viewer can play a more constructive role in his experience of the video projection?

By making a composition of images, a rotating movement around a prism, it is only possible to follow the evolution of certain picture elements if one walks around the prism. The product of our perception research and the formal idea led us to the phenomenon of "vortices" and then the further content of the video and sound composition:


In short, a vortex is a phenomenon with the structure of a swirling movement, similar to that of tornadoes. However, the turbulence that occurs with vortices has both a constructive and a destructive pole:


+ the turbulence produces an almost magical energy, a new order is created, and coherence in the universe is attributed on various scales to vortex phenomena.


- chaos is created, the force of the up and down circulation is so great, and the bottomfield is infinitely narrow, destroying matter and disappearing from the time / space perspective, similar to effects attributed to wormholes

© Elize Rausch 2020.