Ever since the Theory of Relativity, space and time no longer form the immobile, invariable framework in which events happen, bodies move, atoms clash, and people love.


Space and time are now two inseparable, connected facets of the one whole - SpaceTime.


The notion of SpaceTime created the arena into a spectacle. Body movement influences the curve of space and time; the structure of SpaceTime in turn affects how bodies move.

SpaceTime lies open in front of us, without a 'here' and a 'now' - here is changing, now is there. From the position of the observer, he experiences 4 - instead of 3 - dimensions, which are inextricably interconnected and interchangeable.


Cataclysmic events, such as this artist's rendition of a binary-star merger, are believed to create gravitational waves that cause ripples in space-time. (source: Nasa)

© Elize Rausch 2020.