SpaceTime is a video-audio installation that places, a dancer and the spectator in the 4 dimensional spacetime continuum.


Video: Elize Rausch

Sound: David Jongen

Dance: Mano Amaro


The video is projected onto four screens, with each screen representing one facet of the same unit.  The linked projections bring out the visuals in a continuum.

Similarly, the audio is built up and represented in 4 dimensions - in quadrofonia. Audio and video are intrinsically connected, and form one another.


This way, the installation places the observer in a four dimensional universe, in which (through sound and image) time becomes relative with respect to movement in space, in which one clock is ticking slower than the other, even though both run 'correctly', in which one observer constitutes another reality than the other one, even if they are experiencing the same installation.

If time is one outstretched whole of which past, present and future are part, and simultaneity becomes dependent on space, is there still a 'now' ?


The movement of the portrayed dancer takes the research on (the perception of) this fourdimensional whole a step further. In SpaceTime, the dancer's body becomes a body like other (heavenly) bodies in space. The dancer/body moves in a relative time and space, and becomes the designer of that time and space. The dancer's movement brings sense and meaning to this spacetime. The dance exchanges space for time, and vice versa.

The audience can also physically place itself in the 4 dimensional continuum - in the space in which the event takes place, as well as in the space built by the installation.

Our daily denial of relativity appears inadequate, we are challenged to perceive spacetime.


The installation SpaceTime is made up of 6 episodes, each of which display an aspect of SpaceTime:


1. Intro: The matter myth


2. Dear Rosetta


3. Relativity (part I)


4. The Anti Self


5. Relativity (part II + III)


6. Between black and white holes



© Elize Rausch 2020.