Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. (Albert Einstein)



is one of the most obvious forces in the Universe, determines our daily lives, works on huge (‘eternal’) distances… but is at the same time the weakest force of all 4. (weak and strong nucleair forces, electromagnetic force and gravity). ALL objects in the universe (including you and me) attract eachother with a force relative to their (our) masses and to the distance between them (us).

Other forces prevent us from collapsing upon ourselves and eachother.

The force of attraction can be more than a metaphor for the forces between human beings.

In the absence of Gravity, life is impossible. If the force of Gravity doesn’t affect us, we would not exist. There could be a similarity with forces (bindings) between people. No one can exist without the other. Without bonding, we experience an overwhelming, devistating empty freedom.

© Elize Rausch 2020.