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Elize Rausch (°Elke Vandermeerschen, 1977, Roeselare, Belgium)

Studies: Philosophy (1999, University of Leuven) & Video-art (2013, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp).



I've worked with a broad range of media (video, sound, installation, performance...) since the 1990's. My work consists mainly of installations using audiovisual (digital & analogue) media, electronics, sensors, exploring the impact of contemporary science (relativity, quantum, string…) on (the possibility of) human interaction.

Since Relativity Theory, we know that time and space are not what we thought they are. Since quantumphysics, we know matter behaves very differently than we always thought. And yet, we continue our lives as if time is something lineair and the material world answers the laws of determination, cause and effect. If there is no definite time/space, what does this mean for humankind, for (the possibility of) human interaction, what is the impact on existential questions? We are living in this duality: we know that our perception is misleading, but we do not have brains adapted enough to take this into account.  Art can.

In my work I try to confront us, force us, seduce us to experience this reality.

The spectators (re)construct (stretch, bend, structure) dimensions of space and time (exhibition space, personal space, space of the installation, idem for time), using sensors interacting with the audience. Material aspects constitute the installation & vanish at the same time (curved projection screens, so thin that the audience is walking in an almost holographical universe).




Recent work:


  • OsciBouncer (interactive audio installation for children, soundwaves materialised through a playground presented at Bozar Brussels, Bijloke Gent, Opéra de Rouen, De Singel Antwerp,...)
  • WITHOUT A HERE THERE IS NO US. Only Synchronicity. Maybe (interactive audiovisual installation in search of a contemporary presentation/experience of time and space, faithful to contemparary physics, and the implications for human interaction. First developed for Musem Night Antwerp 2017)




Other installations and projects:


  • Resident VJ @ BourlaBeats (Toneelhuis Antwerp)
  • Audio-visual Installation with video still & electronics on festival Cult 2060
  • Video-installation 'if we never shared a future (there) how could we share a past (here)' (With David Jongen, exhibited in Waagnatie Antwerp and on Exhibition One Armed Man: The Year 2525, Antwerp)
  • Visuals for Speakless (Performed @ Bonnefooi Brussels)
  • Live visuals dance Performance Je Danse Ma Vie (Compagnie Ssst.. Un Ange passe, Cultural Centre Berchem)
  • Visuals for El Juntacadaveres (shows @Arenbergschouwburg, Airbergfestival Brugge, KoKopelli, GC Laken...)
  • Assistant Director for Short Movie "Vacances", (Director: Mustapha Souaidi)
  • Performance Gabriël. Judith. Lise. (x=time; y=tension) (With David Jongen, Performed  @ Blindman Festival Schouwburg Sint Niklaas & Royal Academy of Antwerp)
  • Live visuals dance performance The Messenger (Choreographer Mano Amaro)
  • Sound performance Master & Slave (Bar Nadar Antwerp)
  • Realisation video Fenestra (choreographer Louise Chardon)
  • Realisation video Quintet (choreographer Louise Chardon)
  • Realisation video Sensorama (AndWhatBeside(s)Death)
  • Video-installation SpaceTime (Theater Carwash & KASKA Antwerp)
  • Sound performance Bits & Bytes (Bar Nadar Antwerp)
  • Video-installation Sight Specific (with Salva Sanchis, for De Beweeging, exhibited @ festival à l'innovation & Beursschouwburg Brussels)
  • Video-installation Playing with the Edge (exhibited oa. in Beursschouwburg Brussels, @ Bordello Antwerpe...)
  • Realisation dance-video Itch&Fear (Choreaographer Salva Sanchis)
  • VJ Performance Like a Virgin (Beursschouwburg Brussels & CC)
  • Realisation dance-video Previous (Choreaographer Salva Sanchis)
  • Video-installation She Fighting (exhibited in Stadsmagazijn Antwerp)
  • Realisation dance-video Zij Ogen (Choreaographer Charlotte Vanden Eynde)
  • Realisation dance-video Some Problems of Space Perception (Choreaographer Marc Vanrunxt)
  • Performance Clean Sight (Stadsmagazijn Antwerpen)
  • Video installation marriage Happy Famous Artists (Muhka Antwerpen)
  • Realisation dance-video Vrouwenvouwen (Choreaographer Charlotte Vanden Eynde)
  • Realisation video artist Kris Vleeshouwer
  • Documentory on Protestants Sociaal Centrum
  • Video performance Stand Van Zaken (Traktor Leuven)
  •  Video-installation Biolations Ltd. (with Eyejacked @ Traktor Leuven)
  • VJ Performances @ Pier 19 Antwerp
  • worked as teacher video art @ Kunstencentrum Stuk Leuven
  • Video-installation PI (with Eyejacked, exhibited @ Zaal België Hasselt, Nieuwpoorttheater Gent, Nona Mechelen)
  • several projects with collective Squint (oa. Vortex Point of View http://squint.be/vortex/info.html)
  • Publication in Dietsche Warande & Belfort. (From) Left (To) Right  &  (In) Between.  A graphical portfolio with choreographer  Salva Sanchis. DWB, October 2001.






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