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Elize Rausch (°Elke Vandermeerschen, 1977, Roeselare, Belgium) has worked with a broad range of media (video, sound, installation, performance...) since the 1990's. She studied Philosophy (1999, University of Leuven) & Video-art (2016, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp). In her work she explores an array of issues ranging from the invisible, irrational (numbers) & the immeasurable to the impact of contemporary science, -especially quantumphysics & general relativity- on our conceptions of time & space and the possibility of (interhuman) interaction. Projects: Audiovisual set Maxwell's Equations (Het Bos, Antwerp, Sounddesign Festival KASKA Antwerp, Casino Sint Niklaas)
Resident VJ @ BourlaBeats (Toneelhuis Antwerp)
Audio-visual Installation with video still & electronics on festival Cult 2060
Video-installation 'if we never shared a future (there) how could we share a past (here)' (With David Jongen, exhibited in Waagnatie Antwerp and on Exhibition One Armed Man: The Year 2525, Antwerp) Visuals for Speakless (Performed @ Bonnefooi Brussels)
Live visuals dance Performance Je Danse Ma Vie (Compagnie Ssst.. Un Ange passe, Cultural Centre Berchem)
Visuals for El Juntacadaveres (shows @Arenbergschouwburg, Airbergfestival Brugge, KoKopelli, GC Laken...)
Assistant Director for Short Movie "Vacances", (Director: Mustapha Souaidi)
Performance Gabriël. Judith. Lise. (x=time; y=tension) (With David Jongen, Performed @ Blindman Festival Schouwburg Sint Niklaas & Royal Academy of Antwerp)
Live visuals dance performance The Messenger (Choreographer Mano Amaro)
Sound performance Master & Slave (Bar Nadar Antwerp)
Realisation video Fenestra (choreographer Louise Chardon)
Realisation video Quintet (choreographer Louise Chardon)
Realisation video Sensorama (AndWhatBeside(s)Death)
Video-installation SpaceTime (Theater Carwash & KASKA Antwerp) Sound performance Bits & Bytes (Bar Nadar Antwerp)
Video-installation Sight Specific (with Salva Sanchis, for De Beweeging, exhibited @ festival à l'innovation & Beursschouwburg Brussels)
Video-installation Playing with the Edge (exhibited oa. in Beursschouwburg Brussels, @ Bordello Antwerpe...)
Realisation dance-video Itch&Fear (Choreaographer Salva Sanchis)
VJ Performance Like a Virgin (Beursschouwburg Brussels & CC)
Realisation dance-video Previous (Choreaographer Salva Sanchis)
Video-installation She Fighting (exhibited in Stadsmagazijn Antwerp)
Realisation dance-video Zij Ogen (Choreaographer Charlotte Vanden Eynde)
Realisation dance-video Some Problems of Space Perception (Choreaographer Marc Vanrunxt)
Performance Clean Sight (Stadsmagazijn Antwerpen)
Video installation marriage Happy Famous Artists (Muhka Antwerpen)
Realisation dance-video Vrouwenvouwen (Choreaographer Charlotte Vanden Eynde)
Realisation video artist Kris Vleeshouwer
Documentory on Protestants Sociaal Centrum
Video performance Stand Van Zaken (Traktor Leuven) Video-installation Biolations Ltd. (with Eyejacked @ Traktor Leuven)
VJ Performances @ Pier 19 Antwerp
worked as teacher video art @ Kunstencentrum Stuk Leuven Video-installation PI (with Eyejacked, exhibited @ Zaal België Hasselt, Nieuwpoorttheater Gent, Nona Mechelen)
several projects with collective Squint (oa. Vortex Point of View
Publication in Dietsche Warande & Belfort. (From) Left (To) Right & (In) Between. A graphical portfolio with choreographer Salva Sanchis. DWB, October 2001.

© Elize Rausch 2014.