At crucial Moments (in Time) the Distance between

carefully separated Bodies (in Space) collapses.

(Presentation image of the installation. The installation was supposed to be shown on a light festival in Antwerp, November 2020, but due to Covid-19 measures, the festival was cancelled. More news, pictures and shows fill hopefully follow soon in 2021!)

At crucial Moments (in Time) the Distance between carefully separated Bodies (in Space) collapses.


Interactive audiovisual installation, about distance and proximity, connection at a distance, inspired by the phenomenon of 'Quantum Entanglement'.


Concept, visuals: Elize Rausch

Sound: David Jongen



In the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, 2 particles are inherently connected, depending on each other, one particle (and the state it is in) is influenced by what happens to the other particle. The state (momentum, position, phase, spin,…) is only recorded when it is measured. For the measurement (before being 'viewed', the particles exist as it were in (a probability distribution of) all states at the same time, they can have different properties at the same time. At the moment of 'being measured / observed', the state is determined. not only of this one particle, but also of the other particle with which it is connected (via quantum entanglement) .That connectedness therefore transcends the spatial separation of the particles, seems to exceed the maximum speed of light, which is why Einstein called this phenomenon 'spooky action at a distance', and found it difficult to believe that this phenomenon is really possible.


How is it possible that an action (‘event’) in one place -on one particle- IMMEDIATELY (violating relativity and the speed of light limit) affects another particle, how ever distant that may be… How are those particles intrinsically interconnected? What binds them together? Are they in a way inseperable? And how? Which role does causality play here? (As causality -as we know it- is always linked to specific actions that cause other effects following a Newtonian common sense lineair path in space and time).


Another utterly fascinating aspect of quantum entanglement (and the quantum universe in general) is that it imposes one of the most crucial questions there are to ask: what is real? Since the reality of a particle only exists at the moment (and for the sake of) measuring / viewing, quantum entanglement challenges us to question the naturalness with which we assume an "objectively existing reality (independent of our perception)". This challenge is ubiquitous in other areas of quantum physics as well.


In this audiovisual installation we want to challenge the viewer to think about 'reality / time / space', to offer the wonder of influencing reality through one's own observation, and the possibility of connection, influence that is independent of proximity or distance.



The installation consists of two parts, at a (relatively) far distance from each other:


  • The first part is an intimate audiovisual installation, with a small illuminated "particle" (pearl) in the center, which floats in the air by an air current below (fan), and vibrates and rotates slightly.
  • The second part consists of a video projection that covers the entire back wall of the room and two speakers.


Under the pearl is a column, to which distance sensors are attached. The pearl (the light particle, photon) is the only point in space that is illuminated, so that it attracts the spectators. It is surrounded by headphones, where you hear the sound being manipulated as you come closer to observe the particle.


When the spectator approaches (and/or puts on the headphones) the particle, a signal is emitted that manipulates the air flow as well as the sound emitted by the headphones, as well as the second part of the installation (both image and sound of it). Upon entering the viewer hears a chaotic sound pattern full of noise, when putting on the headphones an open melodic sound world becomes audible.


Through the movement in and around the first part (spectators at 'particle', the images and the sound of the second part are controlled/manipulated: zoomed excessively in or out, audio noise turns into melody, video noise and glitch merge into colorful nebulae in the universe, abstract geometric forms...

© Elize Rausch 2020.